This was a letter we received from a customer, letting us know how her pet adoption turned out. A great number of our dog boarding kennel furry visitors were adopted from the various pet adoption locations around Mount Pleasant. The are the most lovable creatures you can imagine.

“When you think about the number of pets that are put to sleep every year because no one wants them, it almost makes your heart break. With all the animals for adoption out there, many people still do not know about how to get in touch with these lovable pets in need. Many of them still go to commercial breeders when a brief stop by the Humane Society or some other animal rescue could save the life of a dog or cat, and give them a treasured companion.

The first animal for adoption that I took in to my home was a puppy I named Bowser. At the time, our school was doing a project to support the world wildlife fund. They had adopt an animal programs to help protect endangered species. While these were not literally animals for adoption, they were animals you could help protect by donating money and increasing popular support for protecting their habitats. It got me thinking about animals around my neighborhood, and I asked my mom if I could get a pet dog from the Humane Society. She was a little bit nervous about getting dogs for adoption, never having been a pet owner herself, but when I agreed to take care of the dog, she relented.

It turns out that there were many different animals for adoption available in our town. I think my mom had been picturing a room filled with pathetic, mangy, aggressive dogs, but the pets in the animal rescue shelter were actually very friendly for the most part. There were a lot of different dogs there, and it took me quite a while to pick out the one that I wanted. Finally, I fell in love with a spotted puppy who looked like he had some Bulldog in him. I took him home that very day.

Since then, all of my pets have been animals for adoption. After all, I can’t justify buying a pet when there are so many critters that are abandoned every year. Many people are too lazy to pay or neuter their pets, while others adopt a dog only to abandon it a year or two later when it is no longer a puppy. Because of this, many unwanted dogs are put to sleep instead of getting to live full lives in a caring home. It is nice to be able to do my little part to counter this trend.”