Kennel Puppy Training Program

So you've got a new member of the family, an adorable puppy you hope will be with you for many long years. Having a puppy brings a lot of happiness, as well as responsibilities. An undisciplined pet makes for an unhappy relationship, so you'll need to start your puppy training program soon. If you've never [...]

Electric Dog Fence

This was sent to us by a client talking about dog containment. Thanks for the article, Sue! "We used to have a conventional fence for pet containment similar to those used at dog boarding kennels, although not as high. It went deep enough that it wouldn’t be easy for our dog to dig under, and [...]

Mt Pleasant Pet Adoption

This was a letter we received from a customer, letting us know how her pet adoption turned out. A great number of our dog boarding kennel furry visitors were adopted from the various pet adoption locations around Mount Pleasant. The are the most lovable creatures you can imagine. "When you think about the number of [...]

Tail Wag and Dog Psychology

People start out with their dogs imagining that it can't be that hard to look into their minds. Dogs seem all tail-waggy when they're happy, and they seem to growl when they are angry. How hard can it be to understand what's going on? Well, in truth, dog psychology isn't that easy; there is way [...]